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FundiConnect Coaches

General Educational Coach

Hello there! I'm a General Educational Coach. Whether you need information about schools, exams, bursaries or anything else, I'm here to assist you with your educational journey.

APS Score Calculator Coach

Hi! I'm an APS Score Calculator. I'm here to help you determine your eligibility for degrees and courses at South African colleges and universities.

Career Coach

Hello! I'm an AI-powered Career Coach that gives you excellent career advice. From educational requirements to job descriptions and salary expectations, I've got you covered. 

Student Budget Coach

Hi! Need help budgeting your funding allowances? I can provide helpful tips and answers to your queries. I can also help you create your very own personal budget. All you need to do is ask!

Subject Choice Coach

Hello! I'm here to help you choose your school subjects. Just let me know what career you're interested in, and I'll provide you with a list of subject choices and their pass marks.

Student Funding Coach

Hello there! I'm here to answer your questions about student funding. I can provide information about student loans, bursaries, and government funding. Got questions? Feel free to ask!