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Start your wellness journey with Momentum Multiply Engage NEW & FREE!

The Multiply Digital Coach is a tool that helps you improve your overall well-being by making better lifestyle choices.

Complete the Lifestyle Quiz, get a Lifestyle Score, receive health tips, and get tips and information from our brand-new Digital Coach tool, Multiply Engage, which will guide you on the areas you need to focus on, and provide you with practical tips on what you need to do.

Tell us about yourself and get personalised recommendations on how to maintain or improve your health. We’ll ask you questions about how you eat, sleep, move, breathe, and connect.

Knowing how healthy you are is the first step to a healthier body and mind. Movement is important for your overall health. Do an online or in-person fitness assessment with a Multiply affiliated health professional and know your fitness level. Book a fitness assessment on the app.

So, burn 300 calories in a single workout or take 10 000 steps in a day and earn Active Dayz. Track your activity with any of the compatible fitness devices or apps on your smartphone.

Find out if you’re mentally and physically ready to face the day. A scan with the app tells you how ready you are to face the day. If you get a good Recharge Score, you’ll earn Recharge Dayz.

Do these activities and earn rewards. The more you do, the more you are rewarded! Little efforts lead to big long-term health wins. Achieve your weekly activity goal and score a treat. Add a good Recharge Score and earn another treat. Get rewarded and receive great discounts from Multiply Engage partners.

A health assessment shows you how healthy you are and gives you a Healthy Heart Score. Book a health assessment on the app and earn rewards from day one. Download the Momentum Multiply app, and ensure you stay healthy and happy, with relevant and reliable health advice at the touch of a button.

Look forward to some brand new 2023 Momentum Lifestyle Benefits from Momentum, designed to complement and seamlessly enhance your medical aid. For more information, visit the Lifestyle Benefits section on: studenthealthcare.co.za.

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