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Your health is your wealth and your most valuable asset! Let us help you take care of it. 


If you’re a student, there’s no need to worry about getting injured or sick while away from home – you can trust that Momentum Medical Scheme will have your back. 


Trusted by over one million students for over three decades, Momentum is the third largest medical aid provider in South Africa and offers extensive healthcare coverage for both local and international students.


By choosing Momentum, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have access to the best healthcare providers. 


The Ingwe Option is the most cost-effective medical aid plan available from Momentum, making it an ideal choice for students (or anyone else on a tight budget!). Momentum offers tailor-made benefits for students that evolve as your healthcare needs change. 


For only R495 per month, you can choose from a wide variety of options and benefits that include hospital care, private hospitals within the Ingwe Network, or state hospitals for an even lower monthly contribution. The benefits also include unlimited doctor visits, dentistry, eye care, and more.


Momentum offers excellent customer service and support, ensuring that you can access assistance whenever you need it. With a 24/7 online web or WhatsApp chat, virtual help sessions, and a digital membership card, you’ll have all the support you need to manage your healthcare needs effectively.


As you navigate through your studies and career path, let Momentum Medical Scheme be your trusted partner in ensuring your continued well-being. Whether you require routine medical care, emergency treatment, or specialized services, we have you covered. Let us join you on your journey to a healthy and successful future. 


Choose Momentum and be inspired!

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