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Our unique offering is providing customized business solutions that will help your organization succeed. Our mission is to collaborate with you to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in all aspects of your business. Here’s how we can help:


  • We offer tailored deal structures that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business and your patients.
  • Our operational capabilities are focused on streamlining your pharmacy operations to help you increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • We offer advanced tools and technologies such as Order Wise and Online systems to help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently.

Partnering with us means you will receive expert guidance, customized solutions, and innovative tools to help you achieve your business goals. We are committed to your success, because when you win, we all win.




As a leading provider of clinical supply chain management solutions, we specialize in distribution and fulfilment services across 30 territories in Africa. We understand the challenges of navigating increasingly stringent healthcare regulations, growing outsourcing, and the globalization of production, and we’re dedicated to providing flexible solutions that optimize costs.


One of the key benefits of working with us is gaining access to your own dedicated project management team. Our expert team of project managers, clinical logistics coordinators, and assistants are committed to managing your project at both the local and international level. We provide clear and timely communication on all aspects of your project, including representation, global supply, investigational sites, and relevant regulatory requirements.


By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your clinical supply chain management needs are in capable hands. We’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that help you achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Our comprehensive range of services to our clients and partners include:


  • Global sourcing: We source medications and ancillary medical supplies for our clients and partners through our global network. With direct contracts with leading manufacturers, we can ensure the availability of products, even in the event of shortages or stoppages in the distribution process.
  • Storage and inventory management: Our warehouses in multiple countries across the continent enable us to meet stringent international standards and local regulatory requirements. We provide our clients and partners with a full suite of storage services, including safe custody of their products from receipt, recording and provision of ambient-controlled and cold chain goods storage, labelling/relabelling of medications, formation, and distribution of supplies to investigational sites while maintaining the cold chain, return recording and storage of supplies for export.
  • D-MED® services: We provide treatment for patients with chronic or unmet medical needs through access to innovative medicines for chronic conditions and rare diseases upon request from physicians or on behalf of individuals. We manage the full cycle of logistics, from import license submission to customs clearance and distribution to patients.
  • Medical equipment leasing services: We offer affordable options for accessing modern equipment and devices, allowing our clients and patients to make partial payments while avoiding the added cost of technical maintenance. Our partnerships with leading international manufacturers enable us to provide highly specialized equipment/devices from across the world.

D-MED® Logistics can help make your health logistics hassle free. 

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