Absa Ready to Work

What's it about

Level up your skills like a boss with ReadytoWork


Get yourself future ready with the emotional and digital skills you need to get ahead in the game with ReadytoWork.


Absa’s ReadytoWork is an education and skills development initiative designed to help you prepare for that critical transition from school or tertiary education to employment or self-employment.


Simply download the ReadytoWork App from your App store and register on the App to get access to great content on the App that will help you go from learning to earning.

What we offer

  • Complete training courses that cover essential work, entrepreneurial, money and work skills, as well as more advanced skills such as computational thinking for problem solving, embracing change and tools for stress management developed in collaboration with a leading South African university. Plus, to make your CV unskippable, get insta-worthy certificates of completion for each course you pass.
  • Visit the Career Hub to search for your dream job through reputable recruiters and to unlock free access to the Online Career Guidance for an online career assessment and other resources to help you to make informed study and career choices.
  • Use resources such as CV templates and get top tips and tricks to market yourself and build your credibility online.
  • Access expert guidance from a qualified coach and therapist in the Wellness Corner with topics such as overcoming limiting fears – and more!
  • Discover interesting articles in the News Corner that will help you prepare for a job interview or show you how to pay off your study loan
  • Connect and network with a community of like-minded people who are also registered on the ReadytoWork App and know how to make it work for them.

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