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Student Accommodation near Universities in South Africa

Times are changing, and so is the student and off-campus experience. At Respublica we are inspired by our mission to re-imagine the face of student accommodation. Our state-of-the-art residences balance comfort and convenience; designed towards creating environments ideally suited to your growth and success, in both academic and social spheres. We instil excellence into all that we do, and we’re committed to supporting students on their path to achieve and thrive. We care about the details because we care about you. We are Respublica Student Living.



  • Saratoga Village – UJ
  • The Fields – UJ
  • Yale Village – Wits


  • West City – TUT
  • Urban Nest – UP
  • Hatfield Square – UP
  • Eastwood Village – UP


  • Paton House – UKZN PMB


  • Princeton Village – Eduvos


  • Lincoln House – UFS


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What's on offer

We offer an all-inclusive student accommodation so that you can focus on your studies

Respublica What we offer


  • Booking Fee from R500

  • From R4500 per bed per month

Contact Details

Roscommon House: 0 100 200 300
Urban Nest: 0 100 200 300
West City: 0 100 200 300
Eastwood Village: 0 100 200 300
Saratoga Village: 0 100 200 300
The Fields: 0 100 200 300
Hatfield Square: 0 100 200 300
Yale Village: 0 100 200 300
Princeton House: 0 100 200 300
Lincoln House: 0 100 200 300


Brainline is an online education provider that offers a CAPS-compliant and IEB-recognised curriculum to learners from Grade R–12, which is accepted at other schools and national and international universities. Our language of tuition is English and Afrikaans.


Established in 1987, Brainline is a family-run business that has grown to become one of the most prominent online education providers in South Africa, with students in over 30 other countries. We strive to be a dynamic enterprise that utilises new technologies to the greatest advantage of our learners to provide them with a learning journey that is accessible and affordable while retaining our exceptional academic standards.


Teaching and assessment


Our curriculum is offered in both English and Afrikaans, except for a few senior subjects. Daily/weekly live online classes are presented by qualified teachers with IEB experience, the focus of which are difficult curriculum topics.


Tests and exams are completed under invigilation and, depending on the grade, would take the form of parental invigilation, online assessments, online invigilation, or writing at a Brainline Examination Centre.


Extracurricular activities


We offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including clubs dedicated to various pursuits, such as public speaking, writing, cooking and film appreciation.