Van Schaik


Van Schaik Bookstore has a proud heritage as one of the oldest bookstores in southern Africa and reached our 100-year milestone in 2014. It is arguably Southern Africa’s leading academic bookstore chain with more than 70 stores located in South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini and Namibia. 


We provide products and services that support institutions, lecturers, other professionals, and students. The products include academic and general books in electronic and print format, as well as reference material, lifestyle products, electronics, and stationery. The services we offer are done through our bookstores and our online store, 


Our bookstores are conveniently situated on-campus or in the vicinity of tertiary institutions. We stock academic, resource and study material, as well as stationery devices and lifestyle products such as bags, headphones and small appliances. Selected stores also stock general books, magazines and gift items.


The bookstore presents students with self-help or counter stores, well-trained and experienced staff to assist and all their prescribed books, resource materials, stationery, devices and other equipment related to their studies. Our stores are based on, or close to institutions. We have a store card that assists both parents and students with the book buying process during the year. In addition to that we are also able to assist students with diverse payment methods such as Fundi, Intellicard/Intellimali and sBux. Students can download the Van Schaik Reward Mobile App to join the Van Schaik Rewards programme to reward themselves with discounts, points that can be used instore or online and special promotions. 


We have a national call centre with dedicated staff members who assist in general enquiries about books, e-books, availability, costs, quotes, store contact details, and much more. Orders can also be placed with the Call Centre during business hours on 08600 STUDY or +2712 366 5400