Elroi Academy


Where have you come from? And Where are you going?

Elroi Academy is an online distance education provider for the National Senior Certificate (Matric) that has been picking up the pieces of the traditional educational system for 10 years.


Elroi Academy offers Grade 10 to 12 but specialises in Matric Rewrites and bridging courses for example to improve or add Mathematics and Physical Sciences to your Matric.


We are dedicated to…


  • Seeing you and Caring about you
  • Providing Excellent Service
  • Be uncompromising on the integrity of our qualification.

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What's included



Students get access to an online portal from where excellent support and guidance is offered for self-paced learning.


  • The Support Portal provides an Orientation and General Support services on how to make full use of Elroi Academy’s services and do self-paced learning.
  • A live online demonstration session with a teacher or student support staff member to assist with navigating the Portal. 
  • The Administrative Portal Facilitates all the Administrative Support and matters to ensure everything is in place to write your Matric Final Exam.
  • Subject Portals: Each Subject Portal Provides access to a qualified teacher that sends regular announcements with subject specific support in the form of instructions, guidance and assessment reminders. 
      • These Portals includes a Q&A forum where questions can be posed to the Teachers and the fellow classmates.
      • It also hosts frequent live online contact sessions that are recorder for future reference.



  • Every subject includes a comprehensive Study Guide that includes everything that the student should know about the subject, including a yearplan, Assessmentplan and weekly Work Schedule.
  • Many subjects includes a Free Textbook.
  • Some Grade 12 Subjects include a Free online course that covers work with video lessons, and electronic exercises that are automatically grades. 
  • Additional Resources are Provided when helpful or useful for the subject.
  • All Elroi and SACAI Past Papers are made available.

Assessments and Final Examinations


All assessment are done online and graded within a reasonable time with helpful feedback.


Administration for the registration and facilitation of the final NSC Examinations including the allocation to an Examination Venue in 50 Locations around the country.




Grade 12 Mark statement are available within the first week of the New Year and the NSC Certificate is sent when received from Umalusi. An electronic copy is sent via email and the original is then couriered to the Student.


  • Full Grade 10-12: R24 150 per annum + SACAI Registration and Exam Fees.
  • Matric Rewrites: R4025 Registration Fee + R2 875 per Subject.

Get up to 40% discount with Early Bird Discounts, Large Registration Fee payments and making use of Tutor Support Services.


  • Minimum Registration Fee is 10%.
  • Examination Fees are payable by 30 March.
  • Accounts must be fully settled by 30 June.

For an exact quote and payment plan, use our online Cost Calculator. Textbooks are not included for all the subjects but there ought not to be any additional costs.

Admission Requirements

Admission to any grade is dependent on a valid report from an accredited institution for prior grades.


Admission for Matric Rewrites or adding subjects to an existing Matric requires a Matric Certificate or Mark Statement.


A valid South African ID is required, or a Passport with a study permit to access the Grade 12 Final Examination.




  • go to elroiacademy.co.za/costs
  • Complete the Quotation page
  • Accept the Privacy Policy and Popi Compliance requirements
  • Provide Personal, Parent and Accountholder Information.
  • Provide Electronic copies of IDs and Latest Reports.
  • Accept the Student Code of Conduct, and Account Holder Agreements
  • Make an EFT or Deposit Payment for the registration fee and submit the Proof of Payment online.
  • Submit the Enrolment Form.

After registration the student should have access to their content and support 

Qualifications On Offer

Elroi Academy offers the Following Subjects  in English (*also in Afrikaans):


  • Accounting*
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Business Studies*
  • Computer Application Technology
  • English First Additional Language
  • English Home Language
  • Geography*
  • History
  • Life Orientation*
  • Life Sciences*
  • Mathematical Literacy*
  • Mathematics*
  • Physical Sciences*
  • Tourism*