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We’ve compiled a database of fantastic and useful resources for you to download, share, print or just to enjoy.

Please make full use of these resources and let us know if we’re missing anything. 

GUIDE: Choosing Subjects in Grade 9

How do grade 9 learners know which subjects to choose in order to meet all the prerequisites for their future varsity degree? We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help your learners through the decision-making process.

INFOGRAPHIC: Pure Maths VS Maths Lit

Maths is becoming more and more problematic for many learners in high school. Read the differences between Pure Maths and Maths Lit as well as what opportunities are available for each choice.

INFOGRAPHIC: Improve Your Maths Mark

Maths is extremely important for university applications. Here we break down 10 ways your learners can improve their Maths mark. Infographic: Differences Between Institutions in South Africa 

INFOGRAPHIC: Differences Between Institutions in South Africa 

When we were learners we had no idea about the various study options in SA and we thought we’d change that. 

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things to Remember Before Applying to University 

Considering applying to any institution in South Africa? Here’s a few simple steps you need to remember.   

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Apply to UNISA Online (No Need to Stand in Queues!)

Struggling to apply online? We’ve created a simple and easy to use format to make applying to UNISA easy-peasy.  

INFOGRAPHIC: You’ve Failed Matric. Now What? 

Writing Matric exams is one thing. Actually passing Matric is another. When the results come out, not everyone gets to celebrate the end of a successful high school career. Read further to find out what other options learners have.

INFOGRAPHIC:  The National Benchmark Tests

If you’re considering applying to a South African university and you’ve had a look at their admission requirements, chances are you’ve come across the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). Here’s everything you need to know about the NBTs.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Fund Your Studies

Looking at the many ways to fund studies your in South Africa can be overwhelming. There are so many options and guidelines to follow in order to determine if you qualify for certain options. Here are some ways you can fund your studies.

INFOGRAPHIC: South African Salaries in 2017: What do Professionals Earn? 

With South Africa’s economic climate becoming more hostile every day, financial security is a big consideration when deciding which field you want to enter into. Find out what professionals earn in different industries. 

INFOGRAPHIC:  How to get a free email address

In our day and age it’s standard to have an email address. Here are simple steps to consider before you join the bandwagon and form an identity on the Internet.

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Check Your Matric Results

Worried about how you’re going to check your matric results? We have each method explained here, so that you don’t need to worry.

INFOGRAPHIC: Decoding Matric Pass Symbols 

What exactly do those pesky matric symbols mean? We’ll help you to decode your matric symbols so you can figure out the next step!

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Pass Matric

The period before the exam season is always crucial and especially during the matric year. Here are some tips on how to pass matric.

Template: Curriculum Vitae

There are various ways to write a CV, so if you’re looking for instructions on how to write your CV precisely – then keep looking. We’ve set up our own CV template your learners can use as an example. 

Template: Matric Study Plan

It’s time for a matric break study plan. In preparation for the last stretch of your learners school career, here’s how to optimise their study break in order to smash those final exams like a boss.