Red & Yellow Creative School of Business  is where talented people go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world. We believe that creative thinking is the most important and practical skill of the future and must be supported by uniquely human abilities such as creative and critical thinking, leadership, adaptability and social intelligence.


Our mandate as educators is to prepare students for career success in the future, not the present. This single-minded purpose is why we exist and what continues to drive us.


We are a Creative School of Business that provides you with the commercial logic to grow successful organisations and more importantly the creative logic to set them apart.


Step 1: Skills Assessment & Application Form


Follow this link to download the skills assessment and application form.


Once you have completed the skills assessment and the application form, all you need to do is submit it to us to review.


Step 2: Application Review


If your application and submission ticks all the boxes – you can expect to receive personalised feedback on your submission and what the next steps are within  – 5 – 7 working days.


Step 3: Provisional Offer


Once we’ve reviewed your application, and if you meet all the programme requirements, you will be provisionally accepted.


Step 4: Acceptance Fee


Once you’re provisionally accepted, you’ll be invoiced to pay your registration fee to secure your spot.


Closing date for full time applications: February 

Check out our website for online qualifications start dates.

Do I need to write NBTs? – No


There is no application fee required to apply to Red & Yellow. 


Visit our website to register for our open days


Red & Yellow offers a wide variety of undergraduate qualifications and qualifications for post-graduate students.


  • NQF 5 CHE Accredited Higher Certificates
    • Higher Certificate in Graphic Design
    • Higher Certificate in Creating Digital Content
  • NQF 5 SETA Accredited National Certificates (online only)
    • National Certificate in Advertising specialising in Digital Marketing
    • National Certificate in Advertising specialising in Creating Digital Content
    • National Certificate in Design Techniques specialising in User Centred Design
  • NQF 7 Undergraduate Degrees
    • Bachelor of Arts: Visual Communication Degree
    • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Degree in association with Unilever 
  • NQF 7 Advanced Diplomas for graduates
    • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing (online only)
    • Advanced Diploma in Marketing & Advertising Communications
    • Advanced Diploma in User Centered Design
    • Advanced Diploma in Copywriting


Head Office and Full Time  Campus:

97 Durham Avenue

Salt River

Cape Town, South Africa



Tel: 0872 273 283


Whatsapp: 0726 174 809


Email: fulltime@redandyellow.co.za