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Renao International is an edutech company, set up to respond to the latest challenges being faced by the economy. In partnership with CertNexus USA, Renao International aims to bring core competencies required for the new economy Industries, at the doorsteps of the African continent. Renao has great ambitions for Africa and aims to become a leading player in the Digital Economy space over the next decade. Renao will focus on young men and women of the continent to prepare them for the future.


Why CERTNEXUS Certifications?


Unlike many other certifications, CertNexus Certifications are developed following ISO/ANSI standards of best practice for certification development.


CertNexus Certifications are created to align with real jobs and roles within the industry. That means that when you earn a CertNexus Certification, you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in that role. We work with dozens of subject matter experts to create each of our certification programs to ensure that they are designed to the highest professional standards of certification development and that professionals who earn CertNexus Certifications are proficient in those roles.


Global Clients for Certnexus Programs


Many global organisations have endorsed and adopted Certnexus certifications for their training requirements like Starbucks, Berkeley, CISCO, Intel and many more…. 


All our courses are available through E-learning or VILT learning method. All the courses are designed with American standards (ANSI) and accompany globally recognised credential / certificate. 


All courses can be purchased online as per your convenience.


For any queries write to us at Or WhatsApp us at +27 72 58 59 759


Renao offers short duration (1 day to 5 days) courses from introductory to advance levels in emerging technologies:


    • Cybersecurity
    • Internet of Things
    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Data Science
    • Data Ethics


Our courses are offered at different levels:


  • Think Level, an introductory level course for management
  • Build level, an Intermediate level course for professionals
  • Secure, an advance level course for professionals
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Skill Roadmap

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