11 Holiday Job Ideas for Students

by Staff Reporter

Students who work during their holidays are believed to have better career prospects, are better at managing their time, and have the benefit of earning extra spending money. Thus, instead of binge-watching series and sleeping in during the holidays, why not invest in a part-time, casual, or temp job? You will not only earn extra cash, but also build lifelong training skills that will aid your future career.

We’ve sourced 11 potential holiday jobs if you’re a student running low on cash or just want to gain beneficial experience that will make you work-ready.

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1. Online Tutor

If you have a wealth of knowledge, are great at communicating and have excellent organisation skills, then becoming an online tutor may be the right fit for you.

Online tutoring provides flexible working hours, which means students can decide how many hours and when they want to work. You’re also able to impart your knowledge to your students and help them with homework and assignments—all from the comfort of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection and a reliable laptop.

2. Restaurant Host or Server

Working at a restaurant is ideal if you’re looking for a holiday job that will earn you cash fast. Restaurants and takeaway places are always looking for extra help during the holidays and other busy times. Your job will involve greeting guests as they enter and seating them at their desired tables. You might also be expected to assist servers and help them manage their workload.

The job involves being on your feet for most of your shift, but the tips you’ll gain will be a great addition to your bank account. It’s also a great way to make future connections if you’re looking to enter the food industry as well as develop your communication and social skills.

student working holiday job as barista

3. Barista

You can earn money and meet new people by taking on a barista job during the holidays. Baristas usually work in cafes or restaurants and are tasked with:

  • Greeting customers
  • Taking orders
  • Preparing and serving hot and cold beverages such as tea and coffee
  • Cleaning seating areas, utensils and equipment
  • Managing the cash register

Although the job might require some barista experience, you can always watch YouTube tutorials to learn the basics and familiarise yourself with the different beverages that baristas make. As a barista you will need to be prepared for very early shifts as many cafes or restaurants often cater to early risers.

4. Delivery Person

The demand for delivery services are on the rise as an increasing amount of people now do their shopping online. This means that students with driving licences are in a great position to take on delivery jobs during the holidays.

As a delivery person, you have to pick up, transport, and deliver packages which include mail, groceries, takeaways and various other items. The hours are flexible, so you should hopefully be able to earn money while still enjoying the rest of your holiday.

5. Retail Sales Associate

Retail stores are great learning grounds for students who are looking for holiday jobs with little to no work experience. The opportunities these stores offer aren’t limited to working a cash register. You can also earn money by:

  • Merchandising,
  • Stocking shelves,
  • Helping with orders,
  • Helping maintain display areas,
  • Assisting with customer service,
  • Taking inventory, and
  • Managing sales

These roles will help you gain valuable skills in sales, customer services and general retail knowledge. You can either pop into your local mall to ask if they have any holiday vacancies for students or apply online on their websites.

student working holiday job as administrative assistant

6. Administrative Assistant

This is a great holiday part-time job option if you’re looking to gain “real” world experience and love doing admin. Administrative assistants are tasked with handling the administrative duties of senior employees in a company. This means you’ll be responsible for keeping things organised by taking meeting notes, maintaining records, correspondence and various other duties.

It helps to apply to a company that you’d like to work for after you graduate. You’ll gain future connections and determine whether it’s the right career for you.

7. Content Writer

This might be a fun and fulfilling holiday job if you’re a student who enjoys writing. Companies are always looking for freelance writers to help create content. You will need to be proactive and reach out to media companies to see if they have any freelance content writing opportunities available.

It’s a deadline-driven field that will require you to have strong writing and research skills, be fluent in English, and be well-versed in Microsoft Word. However, the job is generally remote and provides flexible working hours. The portfolio you build by working as a content writer will also be very beneficial if you’re an aspiring journalist or copywriter.

8. Social Media Manager

Being good at social media has become a sought-after skill in today’s tech-driven world. You’re no longer wasting your time when you’re posting and sharing content on Instagram and TikTok. Companies are now actually looking for people to help run their social media channels.

You can put your skills to good use by taking on a holiday job as a social media manager for a local startup or business. You’ll earn money by helping these companies manage their social media accounts by sharing posts, answering customer queries and taking part in community engagement. If the job allows you to work remotely and you’re a good multitasker, you can always continue with it after the holidays.

student working holiday job as social media manager

9. Brand Ambassador

Another way students can utilise their social media skills is by working as a brand ambassador for a local business. It’s a great part time holiday job if you’re an energetic, friendly and self-motivated person looking to earn some extra money and experience in various roles.

As a brand ambassador you’d drive a company’s publicity and raise its brand awareness. You do this by representing it through promoting its products and services on your social media and saying positive things about them. You might also be expected to help with social media management, email marketing, building relationships with customers, and represent the brand at events.

To become a brand ambassador you will have to build a big following, engage with your audience and contact compatible brands that you would most like to work with.

10. Product Tester

Another great holiday job idea for students is working as a product tester. Companies will basically pay you to test their apps, video games, software and product samples in exchange for sharing your user experience with them. Your reviews will help them fix any glitches and shortcomings, and maintain existing great features. It ultimately aids them with their market research.

Product tester jobs are available on online platforms and market research companies websites. All you have to do is a quick search.

11. Housesitter

Housesitting is a great way for students to score a free vacation during their holidays. You’ll be tasked with watching someone’s house while they’re away, in exchange for free accommodation and utilities. It involves watering the owners’ plants, cleaning their house, collecting their mail and taking care of their pets.

Being a housesitter might not always come with a lot of money because of the free benefits, but it teaches students great responsibility and time management skills.

student working holiday job as a housesitter

Get Rest and Extra Funding!

The holidays provide a great opportunity to catch up with much-needed rest after a difficult academic season. Fortunately, student holidays are long enough that you can rest and have enough time to do a part-time holiday job. Your holiday job can provide a rewarding experience where you will gain work experience, insights into a potential career, build your CV, make new connections and earn money that you might need or be able to save. Many of the jobs we have suggested can be done during the holidays and during the term (if you find the right employer), helping you continue to earn extra cash throughout the year!

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