How to Survive Matric Finals

by Kate Campell

Matric finals are here, which means it’s time to study. Wondering how you’re going to survive the matric exams? Don’t worry, we’ve got your survival guide here.

Having a game plan is an effective way to get through to the other side of the matric finals. It is so much better to spend your time planning, and constructing your exam time strategy than worrying about the future. 

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Before we reveal how to nail your matric finals, let’s first take a look at what they are.

What are the Matric Finals and Why are they Important?

Matric is the final stage of your high school career with the matric finals being the finish line. The matric final exams are really one of those incredible milestones in life that you’ll look back on and appreciate, but it can feel like a mountain to climb.

Why are the Matric Finals Stressful and How Can I Pass?

Some of the main challenges and stressors that come with matric finals include the fear of failure, the challenge of getting yourself into a ‘study zone’ and even finding the time to still feel like a human.

Some other pressures include deciding what career path you want to go on and making sure you’ll meet the requirements necessary for getting into the tertiary institution of your choice. The pressures can be huge at all angles, but we are here to remind you that you can do it!

Here’s how to survive your matric finals:

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A How-to Guide to Surviving the Matric Finals

Surviving your final exam season in matric is really about learning to wrap your brain around a few things and set some practical processes in place for yourself.

One of the biggest barriers to learning is your learning style.

1. Identify Your Learning Style for Your Matric Finals

Understanding how you naturally learn best could be the reason why you pass your matric finals or fail. 

There’s no use in studying visually if you are a verbal learner by nature. You could be wasting time trying to get your notes pretty when all you need is to ingest the information in the best way you can.

Is it true that we all have a specific study style that works better for us? How do you know which one is best for you?  Here’s a little critical dive into the topic.

Just before you step into exam time, get to know how you study best. When you know what works for you then practice the learning techniques that complement your learning style. You could be an auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or verbal learner. 

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2. Manage Your Time and Stress During Matric Finals

Overcoming the stress of matric finals is a possibility.  We have some practical tips for time and stress management to guide you through this season.

Take a look at these tips for managing your time and stress levels during matric finals and implement them where you can. You won’t regret taking a few minutes to plan out your life!

Time Management

It is super important to manage your time well during matric exam season. You really don’t want to waste your precious time, so get things written in your calendar or weekly schedule and then stick to the map you lay out for yourself.

Stress Management

Make sure you incorporate some stress management tactics into your study schedule.

Small things such as drinking a slow, restful cup of tea in the morning before you do anything or go anywhere can shift the way you manage your day.

Make sure you breathe deeply throughout each day. While you’re studying for your matric finals, take five minutes every hour to just simply sit, process, and breathe.

Taking time to reflect and breathe will change your perspective on your studies and give you the motivation you need to get through matric finals.

learner meditating during matric finals

3. Take Care of Yourself During Matric Finals

Taking care of your body during matric finals is a great way to help you de-stress and keep your brain active.

Food, exercise, and study breaks are highly valuable during matric finals. Make sure you eat food that will help you concentrate, such as foods that are high in magnesium, and lots of salads and vegetables.

On top of eating healthy, it’s important to take a relaxed, productive study break to prevent burnout.

Use your study break productively, and perhaps go on a relaxing walk to help you process the information you’re taking in for your matric exams and will also help you let go of stressful things that are on your mind.

Start Preparing for Life After Matric Finals

Overall, we back you and we hope you will back yourself in the study season. Remember to prepare well for your matric exams so that you get into the institution of your choice.

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