TSIBA Business School


TSIBA Business School (registered with the DHET as TSIBA Education NPC) is an accredited higher education institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications.


We specialise in purpose driven business education in a supportive learning community.


Our aim is to provide our students with world-class and rewarding business education. This is supported by generous tuition scholarships which enable students to contribute towards their tuition at relative levels of affordability.


The TSIBA vision is to challenge the status quo of business education through a values-based approach to teaching and learning in a changing world. To us this means that students registered for studies here will be fully supported to master all of the core subjects which underpin excellent business education. It also means that we regard the learning of such subjects as necessary – but not sufficient.


The heart and soul of TSIBA is to challenge our students to deeply explore the questions of what is my work, what is success, and how do I add value. These are questions which we must all answer, and the answers, once discovered, build each of our own unique stories and our citizenship. The learning journey of TSIBA thus challenges each of us, and each of you to connect with your purpose.


Why do we do this? Our answer is clear. We are passionate about education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what people can be, and in turn, how this can transform our world.


Study at TSIBA and you will have the opportunity to take this journey with us. We cannot promise that it will be easy, but we do promise that your experience at TSIBA will be one that will enable you to realise your own potential and your own purpose. If you are ambitious, purpose driven and want to take South Africa forward you are welcome here.

Apply Now


To apply for any of our academic programmes access online application form here.

If you have all of your information ready, you’ll be done in 5 minutes. Remember, you need the following documents to complete your application:


  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Matric certificate or latest academic results


The 2024 tuition fee for the PGDBA is R34,650 for South African residents.

This tuition fee covers the full 18-month qualification run over three study blocks.


Payment is required as follows:


  • A non-refundable minimum initial payment of 10% of the tuition fee upon acceptance of the offer to study to secure your place;
  • 30% upon registering for Study Block 1;
  • 30% payable upon registering for Study Block 2; and
  • 30% final payment upon registering for Study Block 3.


A 10% discount on the total fee payable is available for students wishing to pay in total upfront.


Applications for our Postgraduate Diploma are currently open and will remain open until 31 May 2023.


Please note that a non-refundable application fee of R100 is payable to process your application after applying.


Walk-ins are welcome all year round for a tour of the campus (On appointment only).

Our address: 6 Spring Street, Woodstock, Cape Town.


TSIBA Business School offers three accredited academic programmes:


  • A 10 month full-time Higher Certificate in Business Administration accredited at NQF Level 5, 132 credits (SAQA 84186).
  • A 3 year full-time Bachelor of Business Administration in entrepreneurial leadership (BBA) Degree accredited at NQF Level 7, 369 credits (SAQA 61469).
  • An 18-month Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration accredited at NQF level 8 | 120 credits (SAQA 90822).


Email: study@tsiba.ac.za


Whatsapp: +27 57 814 5960