Law Careers: Getting a Bachelor of Law Degree in South Africa

by Staff Reporter

If you are fascinated by the justice system and want to be on top of legal matters, then a law career might be just up your alley. First things first though: You have to obtain a Bachelor of Law degree.

Bachelor of Law (LLB) degrees in South Africa can be obtained at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level, depending on where you are in your academic career. Although most universities have a law faculty, not all offer LLB undergraduate degrees – some only offer it as a postgraduate degree. Depending on the university, it is also possible to study Law through the Humanities and Commerce faculties.

There are various methods to achieve various law careers. Be sure to read on below to find the method that works best for you.

* Note: Subject requirements may differ slightly at each university. Associated salary depends on which route you choose to take with your degree and is not entirely accurate. The estimated salary is solely there to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Degree: BLLB (LLB)

Set out on an exciting adventure to unravel the mysteries of law and justice through a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree in South Africa. This all-encompassing programme empowers you with a deep grasp of legal principles, boosts your critical thinking abilities and nurtures your ethical awareness. As a result, you’ll find yourself well-prepared for a multitude of fulfilling and exciting paths within the world of law.

Average starting salary of +-R26,500 a month or R318,000 per year

Possible Careers:

  • attorney
  • advocate
  • act as a legal advisor

What you need to do to study this:

  • Write AQL NBT before the end of June
  • NSC aggregate of 60% minimum, excluding Life Orientation
  • English OR Afrikaans Home Language 60%
  • English OR Afrikaans First Additional Language 70%

If economics take as a subject:

  • Mathematics 60%
male lawyer with bcom law degree

Degree: BLLB (BCom Law)

Get ready to dive into the captivating realm where business and law meet with the fantastic Bachelor of Commerce in Law (BCom Law) degree in South Africa. This incredible programme doesn’t just arm you with a solid base in business and legal principles; it also sharpens your ability to think critically and deepens your grasp of ethical nuances. The result? A world of diverse possibilities unfolding before you at the dynamic crossroads of commerce and law.

Average starting salary of +-R31,750 a month or R381,000 a year

Possible Careers:

Provides a background for a career in

  • business in commercial law
  • a further two years of LLB study will allow you to practice as an attorney or advocate

What you need to do to study this:

  • Write AQL and MAT NBTs before end of June
  • NSC aggregate of 60% minimum, excluding Life Orientation
  • English or Afrikaans Home Language 50%
  • Afrikaans or English First Additional Language 50%
  • Mathematics 60%
person practicing baccllb law

Degree: BLLB (BAccLLB)

Embark on a thrilling academic journey that fuses the realms of business and law with the BLLB (BAccLLB) double degree in South Africa. This dynamic programme not only provides you with a comprehensive understanding of both business and legal frameworks but also cultivates your critical reasoning abilities and ethical insights. Brace yourself for a world of boundless prospects where business strategies and legal principles intertwine in the most fascinating ways!

Average starting salary of +-R38,916 a month per month or R467,000 a year

Possible Careers:

Combines two degrees, therefore you can serve

  • articles of clerkship or pupilship with an attorney or advocate
  • BAcc gives you access to Honours in Accounting, which is required for chartered accounting

What you need to do to study this:

  • Write AQL and MAT NBTs before the end of June
  • NSC aggregate of 70% minimum, excluding Life Orientation
  • English OR Afrikaans Home Language 50%
  • Afrikaans OR English First Additional Language 50%
  • Mathematics 70% OR
  • Mathematics 60% and Accounting 70%

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