Best Tutoring Companies in South Africa

by Staff Reporter

The main reason students don’t do well in a subject is because they don’t understand it. Often teachers have strict deadlines to finish setwork with big classes meaning they, unfortunately, don’t have the time to give one-on-one attention to select students. This is where private tutors come in. 

One of the greatest tools you can have in your study kit is the assistance of a quality private tutor. Their individual focus helps you conquer difficult subjects. They can help you improve your academic scores, develop a newfound love for your subjects and teach you better study techniques. 

Now, you’re probably wondering “where do I find a tutor company near me and how much do their services cost?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have collected a list of the best tutoring companies in South Africa that you should consider if you need a tutor or even if you are considering becoming a tutor.

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123 tutors tutoring company cape town logo

123tutors. The tutor company teaches all South African subjects and promises to provide you with a vetted tutor from a top university. 

123tutors provides one-on-one tutoring lessons and group tutoring sessions. Both sessions have an in-person or online option and provide a free lesson if you don’t like the tutor’s teaching style. 123tutors also owns a world-class video platform where you can access a vast collection of academic content and study materials. This is perfect if you like learning at your own pace and in your own time. 

If you want to join 123tutors as a tutor, simply apply online. They also allow students to sell their study notes and earn 50% of the commission.

123Tutors contact details:

Contact number: 067 203 4102

axiom private tutoring logo cape town

Axiom Private Tutoring sources the best students from the best universities in South Africa to tutor primary, high school and university students in a wide variety of subjects. 

You can opt for private one-on-one lessons or group tutoring sessions at the tutoring company’s office in Johannesburg or in the comfort of your home. Your tutor will address specific academic challenges you have, help you better understand subjects, and help you develop an academic plan. 

All tutors at Axiom have achieved an A-level percentage for their specialisation subject. They are great at communicating and have a knack for teaching difficult topics in a manner that’s easy to understand. 

Axiom Private Tutoring also has an iLearn mobile app for students who prefer doing their tutoring online in their own time. 

Axiom Private Tutoring contact details:

Contact number: 061 528 0740

Contact number: 061 528 0740

brightsparks tutoring in cape town logo

If you’re looking for a tutoring company that caters to students in and around Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria, look no further. 

BrightSparkz Tutors provides tutoring in a diverse range of high school subjects in line with the IEB, CAPS, and Cambridge curricula. Students who do not live in these major cities can make use of BrightSparkz Tutors’ online tutoring solutions. They also provide tutoring for AP, A-level, O-level, and Supplementary Exams. As well as pre-school, tertiary, and corporate tutoring. 

BrightSparkz Tutors contact details: 

Contact number: 087 049 0175

Email JHB/PTA: 

Email CPT & DBN & PE: 

cape town tutors company logo

Cape Town Tutors provides tutoring services for high school and university students in all 11 national languages. Tutors cover all grade 12 subjects in the CAPS, IEB, and NSC curricula. They also assist learners who do the British system of A-levels, AS-levels, and O-levels. If you’re planning on rewriting your matric exams, the tutor company hosts a rewrite programme at its offices in Rondebosch. 

If you’re a student at a tertiary institution, Cape Town Tutors provides tutoring for the University of Cape Town (UCT), University of the Western Cape (UWC), Unisa, Damelin, Varsity College, and Intec students.

You can decide to do one-on-one lessons or group tutoring sessions. Tutoring packages range from R300 per hour to R400 per hour.

Cape Town Tutors contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 021 685 8069/074 198 2139

lt private tutoring in cape town

L&T Private Tutoring offers classes in Maths, Sciences, Maths Literacy and Accounting. 

Tutoring takes place weekdays after school at reasonable times. You can also opt for weekend lessons in the comfort of your home. 

L&T Private Tutoring provides their students with career guidance, motivational talks, and academic excellence awards ceremonies. Parents will also receive regular feedback on your progress. 

If you’re looking to join the L&T Private Tutoring programme, you and your parent/guardian can fill in an application form and forward it to the designated email address stipulated on the form. You can also join as a team member by taking a look at the job description and sending your CV and motivational letter to

Grade 4 – 12 learners are encouraged to be independent and accountable for their own studies, with teachers monitoring and facilitating instead of teaching. School hours are at 07:30 – 12:30 daily, with all lessons posted online in the form of videos and slides. You and your child will receive instant feedback once their online activities, tests, and exams have been marked. Learners also have direct contact with tutors until 15:30 every day. 

The Elsen Online Learning Centre is registered with SACAI and teaches their learners the CAPS curriculum. Grade 12 learners write the NSC exams at the end of the year. 

If you have enquiries on the Elsen Online Learning Centre’s annual fees, you can contact the school on 041 582 3289. The online high school also has a bursary fund for less fortunate learners.

L&T Private Tutoring contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 014 004 0008


penguin tutoring company logo in cape town

Penguin Tutoring Co. provides tutoring lessons for high school learners across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

The tutoring company takes your academic needs into account and sets you up with the perfect tutor for you. Tutors cover all IEB and NSC subjects. You can decide whether you want the lessons to take place in-person at home or online. 

All Penguin Tutoring tutors have achieved A or B averages for all of their subjects in Matric and are currently studying towards a tertiary qualification. Tutors can apply on their site.  

Once you request a tutor in your region on Penguin Tutoring Co.’s website, you’ll receive a quote for the price your tutor charges for their lessons. 

The school’s live seminars are hosted by expert teachers that enable your child to deepen their understanding of their coursework through critical discussions. They will also have regular assessments and assignments to complete using the online learning tools and materials at their disposal. Learners even have access to Teaching Assistants to help them with exam preparation. 

Future Academy is registered with SACAI and the Western Cape Education Department, and its grade 12 learners will write the NSC exams at the end of the year. 

To enquire about the online high school’s fees, you and your child can fill in this form on Future Academy’s website.

Penguin Tutoring contact details: 

Email: Contact form.

preeva tutoring company in cape town

Preeva tutors love the subjects they teach and take a keen interest in their students’ progress. They record your abilities, understanding and engagement with the work after each lesson. This is readily available to you and your parents. They’ll match you up with the perfect tutor after you’ve answered a few questions to determine how you best take in information.  

The South African tutoring company’s tutors regularly host affordable workshops on academic skills, tests, and exams for both school learners and university students. The workshop aims to better equip students for their upcoming assessments and exam seasons. 

Preeva has a strict tutor selection process with in-depth training ensuring that they only use the best tutors. Candidates can apply via their application form

Preeva developed a low-cost tutoring model to fund non-fee paying students who can’t afford to pay for academic assistance. They welcome any donations towards the Preeva Foundation’s tutoring fund.

Preeva contact details: 

Email address: Contact form.

Contact number: 0861773382


teach me 2 tutoring company in cape town

Teach Me 2 provides in-person and online tutoring to primary school, high school and university students across South Africa. The tutor company provides tutoring in over 100 subjects from Maths and Science to Engineering, Accounting, Economics and many more.

Your tutor will teach you healthier study techniques, help boost your confidence, and assist you to reach your full academic potential. All you and your parents have to do find the perfect tutor, is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click on Get A Tutor and answer some quick questions 
  2. Talk with one of Teach Me 2’s learning strategists to build the right and most affordable tutoring plan for you
  3. Start your tutoring lessons 

Teach me 2 has a rigorous selection process for their tutors ensuring that they provide the highest quality teaching. Potential tutors can join by applying on Teach Me 2

Teach Me 2 contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 010 446 0140


the tutor company logo cape town

The Tutor Company promises to assist you in almost any subject — from music to nuclear physics. They’ll even find you a different tutor if their teaching style doesn’t suit you.

The Tutor Company’s tutors all have to go through a strict screening process and only 3% end up getting accepted. The company continually trains their tutors to help with hands-on practical study methods courses and to work well with students that have learning disabilities. The Tutor Company has a helpful guide on how they select tutors if you’re interested in joining the team. 

The Tutor Company contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 066 479 6124 (Whatsapp)


triple lotus tutoring in cape town company logo

Triple Lotus provides affordable tutoring and free mentorship and career guidance. They provide tutoring services to primary, high school, and university students across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban.

Your Triple Lotus tutor’s aim is to empower you to conquer difficult topics so that you’re better at absorbing knowledge and managing your academic life. They personalise their lessons to suit your learning style and pace. The tutoring company promises to set you up with a different tutor if their lesson plans or teaching style don’t suit you, at no extra cost. 

Lessons take place one-on-one in-person, online or in group settings in the CAPS, IEB and Cambridge curricula. 

If you’re looking to become a tutor yourself, you can always join the Triple Lotus team

Triple Lotus also provides homeschooling support, has a matric rewrite programme and offers academic proofreading to help you with your thesis or any academic writing. 

Triple Lotus contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 062 617 1130



turtlejar tutors in cape town logo

Turtlejar Tutors offers tutoring in over 100 subjects from some of the best tutors across South Africa. Tutors are available 24/7, to suit your schedule. You can book on-demand tutoring lessons for unforeseen circumstances where you desperately need to fit in a session.

Tutoring lessons are offered in private in-person or as online sessions to high school and university students. 

You can also choose to become a tutor at Turtlejar. 

Turtlejar contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 068 313 2755

tuta me tutoring company in cape town

Tuta-Me is on their way to becoming the most reliable, accessible, and successful edu-tech company in South Africa. 

The tutoring company has an online platform where high school learners receive tutoring in English, Maths, and Physical Sciences aligned with the CAPS curriculum. You’ll have access to an online tutor from 16:00 – 20:00 weekdays, study notes, video content, textbooks and past exam papers. 

If you’re a non-fee paying learner, Tuta-Me offers a bursary programme. 

Tuta-Me has over 2000 tutors providing tutoring services to learners across South Africa. Find the perfect tutoring position for you and apply to join the Tuta-Me team.  

Tuta-me contact details:

Email address: Contact form

tutor box tutoring company cape town logo

TutorBox promises to connect you with a tutor that will help fill any knowledge gaps you have in your subjects. They’ll help boost your self-esteem and provide ample academic resources to improve your marks. All in your own time and pace.  

The tutor company provides in-person tutoring across Cape Town, Gauteng, and Kwa-Zulu Natal. They also recently introduced TutorBox Live. A digital platform that connects you with the perfect online tutor to assist you anywhere at any time. 

TutorBox contact details: 

Email address: 

Contact number: 082 925 3977


tutordoctor tutoring in cape town logo

Tutor Doctor has a distinct process they follow when setting you up with a tutor. They first assess your needs during a free consultation. Then match you up with a tutor that will best suit your needs. Once you’re happy, your tutor will tailor a study programme perfect for you. You and your parents will then receive regular updates on your progress. 

Tutoring sessions are available to primary and high school learners, university students, and adults in various subjects and modules. It takes place in person, at your home or at a venue of your choosing at a time that suits you. 

Tutors that are passionate about teaching and want to make a difference can join the Tutor Doctor team.

Tutor Doctor contact details: 

Email address: Contact form. 

Contact number: 062 305 9258

tutor doctor cape town logo

Tutormaster provides assistance for high school subjects, university modules and adult classes as well as learners licence and driving lessons. 

This tutoring company offers to tutor to students across South Africa You can find the perfect tutor suited to your needs by filling in the request form on Tutormaster’s website. 

All tutors are pre-screened and background checked before being accepted into the programme. To become a tutor at Tutormaster you’ll first need to register as a member on their platform. 

Tutormaster contact details: 

Email address: Contact form. 

Contact number: 082 455 2511

wisdom on demand tutors cape town

The need and demand for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic led to the birth of Wisdom on Demand Tutors in 2020. 

The tutor company provides online assistance to school learners and university students across South Africa. Lessons take place on their website and mobile app. You’ll get access to various online tools and learning materials. To book a tutor you just click on Get A Tutor and follow the easy step-by-step process. 

All tutors are vetted and trained to provide high-quality online tutoring. 

Wisdom on Demand contact details: 

Email address:

Contact number: 083 753 6822 / 079 351 5711

Choose the right tutoring company for you!

You may feel overwhelmed by the South African tutoring companies to choose from. Take a deep breath and choose the one that matches your academic needs, schedule, and budget the best.

If you’re worried about how to fund your private tutoring, we may be able to help. Fundi offers the finance you need for your educational journey. You can browse through our funding options and find an option that’s perfect for you!

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