Learnerships Available to Matriculants in 2024

by Staff Reporter

If you’ve just graduated from high school, you’re probably planning your next move after matric. Although many learners go on to study at a college or university, some choose to learn and grow through something known as “learnerships”. 

Learnerships are special programmes that mix education with practical experience, allowing you to build important skills that will help you kickstart your career. Now, you may be wondering, where can you find learnerships in South Africa? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to reveal the latest learnerships available to matriculants in 2024.

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Why Register for a Learnership?

There are quite a few reasons why matriculants may decide to register for a learnership. Learnerships grant you a second chance at success if you did not get accepted into your chosen college or university. Further to that, learnerships also allow you to specialise in the field of your choice while getting paid to do so!

This means that, while you are completing a learnership programme, you’re learning valuable skills that will help you succeed in your future career all the while earning a steady income (score!).

What is a Learnership?

A learnership is a special learning programme that can help recent high school graduates who don’t have jobs. It’s a great way to start your career because you don’t have to pay for it. The South African government supports learnerships to help the youth gain skills and qualifications. These programmes also give you a chance to work and learn on the job.

After you complete a learnership, you get a certificate that is recognised throughout South Africa. You also get real-life work experience, where you can learn and improve your skills.

A lot of people who finished a learnership have moved on to find exciting opportunities and have successful careers. Joining a learnership usually means you’ll go through a training programme. This training is often done by TVET colleges in South Africa or by an approved training group. The whole programme usually takes about a year, and during this time, you’ll be working on a contract for a set period set out by the organisation you applied to.

matriculant qualifying for learnership with matric certificate

Do You Need Matric to Qualify for a Learnership?

The requirements for learnerships vary among institutions. Although a majority of learnerships prefer candidates who have a matric certificate, not all of them require it and will accept individuals without one. 

For most learnership jobs, you’ll be required to have either a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or National Certificate Vocational (NCV); however, certain institutions may also have certain subject or skill requirements that go beyond your NSC or NCV certificates.

How Do Learnerships Work?

If you apply for a learnership, and you complete the programme successfully, you can get a fully accredited qualification. This is just as good as the qualification you would get from going to college or university full-time.

But here’s the cool part: Unlike at college or university where you have to pay for your studies, learnership programmes actually pay you some money every month while you’re learning.

Also, learnerships don’t have a set starting time like schools do. They begin whenever the company hosting the learnership is ready to start. That’s why it’s important to stay updated on learnership news to know when a new one is available.

matriculants viewing learnerships available in 2024

What Learnerships Are Available?

Learnership opportunities cover a diverse array of jobs in South Africa, spanning across various industries and training authorities. The following types of learnerships are available in South Africa:

  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Health Services
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Tourism
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Mining Operations
  • Road Traffic Law Enforcement
matriculant completing learnership programme

What Are the Benefits of Learnerships in South Africa?

Learnerships were initially introduced by the South African government to fill the gap of the unemployed youth and to take internships to the next level. The sole purpose of learnerships is to provide matric graduates and young individuals with a paid learning programme that will allow them to acquire a recognised qualification.

Beyond upskilling individuals with and without matric certificates, learnerships also offer numerous other benefits for matriculants:

  • Learnerships provide practical exposure to the working environment, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world situations.
  • Learnerships equip individuals with industry-relevant skills, enhancing their employability and preparing them for future career challenges.
  • Matriculants have the chance to network with professionals in their chosen field, creating valuable connections that may contribute to future career opportunities.
  • Completing a learnership often leads to the acquisition of a recognised qualification, boosting a learner’s credentials.

Which Learnerships Are Still Open for 2024?

Plenty of organisations offer learnerships to matriculants countrywide, including the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA). However, SETA learnerships are generally not available throughout the year and are only open for applications during their funding window.

With that said, there are still quite a few learnerships that are open for applications in 2024. Ready to find out what they are? Let’s dive in! 

Energy at Work Projects: Typist Learnership

Company: Energy at Work Projects
Location: Johannesburg
Closing Date: Unspecified

Are you quick on the keyboard? Do you often brag to your friends about how many words you can type per minute? Then you may want to apply to the Typist Learnership at Energy at Work Projects. 

Anglo American: Engineering Learnership

Company: Anglo American
Location: Mogalakwena Mine, South Africa
Closing date: 16 February 2024

Anglo American is inviting all aspiring engineers to apply to its Engineering Exposure Training programme at Mogalakwena Mine. Turn your dream of becoming an electrical engineer into a reality and apply today!

matriculant completing blasting learnership

Enaex Africa Learnership: Blasting

Company: Enaex Africa
Location: Gauteng, South Africa
Closing date: Unspecified

Enaex Africa—a leader in technology initiation for blasting in mining, construction, tunnelling and seismic exploration—is looking for young, medically fit matriculants to join its student-led programme in Gauteng. If you’re interested, be sure to apply by visiting their website and filling in your details.

Enaex Africa Learnership: Community HR

Company: Enaex Africa
Location: Limpopo, South Africa
Closing date: Unspecified

Enaex Africa is looking for ambitious matriculants eager to explore the diverse administrative processes and tasks within the Human Resources (HR) field. With the Community HR Learnership, you’ll support the HR team and gain hands-on experience, contributing to your personal and professional growth while actively participating in Enaex Africa’s dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Matjhabeng Local Municipality: Traffic Officer Learnership

Company: Matjhabeng Local Municipality
Location: Welkom, South Africa
Closing date: 9 February 2024

If you reside in the Matjhabeng Local Municipality district, then you may qualify for the 2024 Traffic Officer Learnership. Additional requirements include a matric certificate, valid driver’s licence, SAPS Clearance (no criminal record) and a medical examination. If you meet these requirements, send your CV and requested documentation to:

The Senior Manager Human Resources,
P.O Box 708

You can also hand deliver your application to the following address: Municipal Main Building, Room 5, 3rd Floor, Welkom.

matriculant welding learnership

Toyota Learnership 2024

Company: Toyota
Location: Durban, South Africa
Closing date: 6 February 2024

Are you a young car enthusiast eager to make it in the motor industry? Do you aspire to upskill in skilled trades such as welding, manufacturing and firefighting? If you answered “yes”, then the Toyota Learnership is definitely worth checking out!  

SYSPRO: Tester Learnerships

Company: SYSPRO ERP Software
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Closing date: Unspecified.

SYSPRO, a leading global software provider, is proud to invite matriculants to apply for its software development position on its 2024 internship programme. Enthusiastic Testers are encouraged to apply before it is too late, as there are limited spaces available.

matriculant completing dispensery support learnership

Dis-Chem: Dispensary Support Learnership

Company: Dis-chem Pharmacies
Location: South Africa
Closing date: 14 February 2024

Matric graduates who are interested in working in pharmaceuticals will benefit from the Dispensary Support Learnership at Dis-Chem Pharmacies. The learnership aims to employ learners who are capable of completing the pharmacist assistant course. 

PNS Group: Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnerships

Company: PNS Group
Location: South Africa
Closing date: 8 March 2024

The PNS Group is looking for ambitious go-getters who are eager to dive into the retail industry. The best part about the Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership is that it has been tailored for matriculants who are looking to study and work all the while gaining hands-on work experience that will benefit their future. PNS is recruiting in the following cities in South Africa:

  • Cape Town
  • Pretoria
  • Johannesburg
  • Durban
  • Pietermaritzburg
matriculant applying for learnerships on tablet

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